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Toddler Snacks Apple & Date Bar
Kiddylicious - coconut rolls
Toddler Snacks Blackcurrant Oat Bar
kiddylicious - banana coconut rolls
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Toddler Snacks Raspberry & Apple Bar
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Toddler Snacks Banana & Date Bar

What's it all about

It all began with one very hungry toddler, Hugo, a pandemic and an empty snack draw. A growing toddler who just wanted to eat all day, exacerbated by the fact that I could not get to the shops and there were no delivery slots available for weeks! All I could wish for was a magic genie to appear with a box of healthy snacks for Hugo and me too!

Browsing the shopping aisles with an active little toddler is challenging and even so more when in the snack isle - with the endless pleading and tantrums. Not helped by the frustrations of lockdown.

Say goodbye to the headache and try out Toddler Snacks.


We search for healthy, nutritious snacks - pack them up and deliver them to your door every month.

Browse through our wide selection of plans and see how we can help you and your child live a healthy lifestyle, and make finding, ordering and receiving your products simple and hassle-free!

Hugo's grandma Tiina, a nutritionist and gut health advocate assesses each box to ensue there is the right balance of choice, health and deliciousness. To ensure your little one is not bored by the same selection each month we take the time to select new and exciting snacks from our wide range.

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Baby Presents

Send snacks to a loved one

Are some loved ones missing out on the holiday fun? Send fun and snacks to their doorstep. For a limited time, get 20% off all Toddler Snacks Plans and remind them you care, month by month.


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