What's in the box?

One fun, healthy snack box to satisfy a toddler.

What's in the box? 

(Every month the products will vary.)

  • 3x Mini Cheese Crackers (Organix)

  • 2x Apple & Date Chunky Fruit Bar (Organix)

  • 2x Banana & Date Chunky Fruit Bar (Organix)

  • 2x 50g Apple Rice Cakes (Organix)

  • 2x 50g Raspberry & Blueberry Rice Cakes (Organix)

  • 3x 30g Carrot Cake Soft Oaty Bar (Organix)
  • 3x 30g Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar (Organix)
  • 4x Raisins (Organix)

  • 3 x 12g Strawberry & Apple Gummie (Organix

  • 2x Kiddylicious Coconut Rolls

  • 2x Kiddylicious Strawberry wafers

  • 2x Kiddylicious Banana Wafers

                             (examples only, contents will vary every month)

12months           +

Banana Pattern

All boxes include free postage

(within the UK)

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